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Introducing 54 brand new ways to set off a PUCK RUCKUS! Colors definitely matter in this all new edition that we guarantee will put your Donkey skills to the ultimate test combining hand, eye, and even feet coordination.

Don't get stuck holding the puck in a round of "Hot Pucktato" where players are required to quickly

pass a single puck to the right while passing cards to the left. "What's Hoppen'ing?" will have you jumping out of your seat to do a hop, skip, and a jump each time you keep a card to better your hand while "Hairy Houdonkey" will have you trying to make the colors of your cards appear exactly like the random hand dealt to the center of the table.

Bringing the laughter to the table that Donkey It's A Kick! is famous for, the Second Edition Kicker Cards are sure to have your head spinning and your chair wobbling as you wrestle your opponents for the coveted baby blue donkey puck. Expert multi-tasking, quick thinking, and lightning fast reflexes are all that's required to become the last player standing...or just a bit of good old fashioned luck.
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